Browse through Abdellatif Laâbi’s poems and quotes. 12 poems of Abdellatif Laâbi. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Stopping By. Abdellatif Laâbi // Author, Poet // Abdellatif Laâbi is a Moroccan poet, born in in Fès, Morocco. Laâbi founded with other poets the artistic journal Souffles in. Abdellatif Laâbi is a poet, novelist, playwright, translator and political activist. He was born in Fez, Morocco in In the s, Laâbi was the founding editor.

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They communicate amongst themselves very easily.

So we met—or rather—I was curious enough to seek them out, and at the same time we met a group of painters in Casablanca: We need civil society to be engaged in that combat.

Now you seem to be taking a more hands-on approach, publishing full-length books and launching an organization. You mention Salman Rushdie, whose mother tongue is Urdu but who writes in English.

A novelist, poet, and playwright, he has also translated several Arabic poets into French, most notably Mahmoud Darwish. Refresh and try again. But the problem of the February 20th Movement itself is that it became content being a movement of protests and not a movement of propositions.

And furthermore, we can pose the same question to any good reader of literature.

In an early letter, he refers to a practice in the pre-Islamic Arabic world of holding annual poetry contests, writing the winning verses down on gazelle skins, then hanging them year-round from the most central public site in Mecca. It was considered as a meeting point of some poets who felt the emergency of a poetic stand and revival, but which, very quickly, crystallized all Moroccan creative energies: The earth opens and And yet, paradoxically, these youths are returning to tradition.


And that reminds me personally of other moments in time where feminist poetry, for laai, emerged to defend the female identity and to fight against the oppression of women.

It was banned inbut throughout its short life, it opened up to cultures from oaabi countries of the Maghreb and those of the Third World. You see how we absurdly mix French and Arabic. Same thing for Amazigh, which is inscribed in the constitution as a national language, but which suffers from the same problems as Darija.

So they all arrived with a diverse set of perspectives and skill sets, and, furthermore, they were on that same quest for modernity that we poets were on. Morocco is a very young country when it comes to literature. And something I wondered when I was in Morocco was whether there will be a moment like that for Darija abdellatlf Moroccan dialect of Arabic. There is a golden rule that has long nourished my thought, my reflection and my action, that of the Italian Antonio Gramsci.

I know that there are poets abdellatic writers that have already begun this work, but do you find that Moroccan Arabic has already undergone the pivotal moment that Italian experienced with Dante or are we still waiting for it? Today there is a globalization of literature. Personally, I think abdellagif in Morocco we are not laagi in democracy. That marginality of poetry allows me more freedom.

Watchfulness as a psychic phenomenon is nothing other than this internal splitting. The great names of Arabic thought and literature are those who have passed through Morocco.


So that was the group we started with. What was the trigger?

I would like to know if you, as a Moroccan, have found interesting insights in these texts. What I miss perhaps is the anarchy.

Abdellatif Laâbi (Author of The Bottom of the Jar)

Did he return to Algeria? Witness by Mario Benedetti For the casual reader of Latin American poetry, what a pleasure and privilege it is to be intro Something that struck me while reading your autobiography was that your first encounter with the French language was via an Algerian teacher of French, Mr.

Can you elucidate a little the relationship between the two? Have you been in contact with laaabi leaders of the February 20th Movement?

Abdellatif Laâbi

Xbdellatif the people are very spirited, very spontaneous. George, The world’s embrace: We suffer from a genuine apartheid there. If authors today only wrote poetry, they would be ruined authors, unable to live from their pen. Despite his self-imposed exile, he has continued to be politically engaged in Moroccan public life, spending significant time there each year.

He was, in abxellatif, forced into exile in France. A few more questions to finish up: If you are a poet, you will need to have another job.