Nearly two decades ago, the rumors began: In the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, someone had discovered a tiny mummified alien. The humanoid was first discovered in in the remote Atacama desert region of Chile, but I did not learn of the existence of the specimen. A recent paper identifying a much talked-about centimetre skeleton as human has come under fire from other researchers, who allege the.

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Full analysis of the DNA, and attempts to link genetics to morphology, will eventually follow in an appropriately peer-reviewed article in an accredited scientific journal.

The answer to this mystery will lead in further analysis of the DNA and confirmation of the findings through the peer review process. I was typing on my phone, so I was not inclined to type out a list or get into detail. Since you are justifying your viewpoint on mummified remains and applying it to what you consider a fetus. In short, there is no compelling evidence that this specimen is anything other than the mummified remains of an aborted foetus.

May 7, at 9: How could silicon get into cartilage from the air? Beyond her skeletal malformations, Ata may have had a condition called congenital diaphragmatic hernia, a relatively common life-threatening birth defect in which the diaphragm does not develop properly.

Researchers finally solve mystery of ‘alien’ skeleton

Greer MD 22 April A medical doctor unused to the problems posed when interpreting radiographic information for mummified material would have been working from their familiar knowledge of normal human radiographs.


Atacma, of the Manchon Radiology Center in Barcelona, also examined the X Rays and concluded that the specimen was most certainly not a fetus and had lived for a year or more and probably several years. The Sirius Film April 12, at 8: The atavama have an irregularly shaped skull and a total of 10 ribs as opposed to 12 for adult humans[5] and potential signs of oxycephaly.

They completely dismissed it at first because of how disturbing it was. Chris April 13, at 4: Not hujanoid it says: July 23, at 8: Subscribe or Give a Gift.

May 9, at 1: How could a 6 year old child only be 6 inches long?

The humanoid was first discovered in in the remote Atacama desert region of Chile, but I did not learn of the existence of the specimen untilwhen invited to examine the mummy-like remains of the humanoid in Barcelona Spain. This appearance has been previously reported as probably induced by the embalming process Braunstein et al, ; Ayacama, and should not be regarded as evidence of bone disease or poisoning.

You need not be the first ever to conceive it in order to propose it or defend it, or however you want to frame it.

Analysis of the Atacama humanoid alien |

However, the most startling conclusion to date is that Dr. When the images hit the internet, many ataca,a assumed the only explanation could be aliens. The specimen was found in a town with abandoned nitrate mines, and exposure to nitrates might have caused the mutations.


I believe the original news came out at the end of or beginning of where some poorly made videos showing a three fingered humaniid were dismissed as a hoax. June 13, at 3: First of all you should read the paper I cite in the article. The claim that this individual is an alien or evidence of a hitherto undescribed medical condition is remarkable, but the evidence can be readily refuted and a far more mundane explanation provided.

What’s The Real Deal About The Atacama “Alien”?

Aatcama bones are quite well developed and are not those of a fetus. If this occurs, ahacama without a doubt, the species found would be considered et or an unknown species. His articles have appeared in dozens of publications in the U. It was thought to be ancient at first, but initial analysis conducted in proved that the skeleton was only about 40 years old.

Certainly there are many more questions than answers at this juncture.

Atacama Humanoid – Sirius Disclosure

But this hmanoid far from the case. A subsequent study by an international research team, led by University of Otago bioarchaeologist Associate Professor Sian Halcrow, questioned the study published in March by Nolan, stating: Thank you Paolo, for providing so much information to back your hypothesis, a true credit to reasonable application of knowledge. This website uses cookies to improve user experience.