Here is the most complete single-volume collection of the writings of one of the great luminaries of Asian literature. Basho (–)—who elevated the haiku . to his lucid and engaging translation of Bashō’s greatest achievement, his famed travelogue Narrow Road to the Interior (Oku no Hosomichi). Narrow Road to the Interior By Matsuo Basho. Translated by Sam Hamill. Shambhala Publications: Boston, pp. $ (paperback). addiss_1.

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The Narrow Road to the Interior (Basho – ) | Luke Storms

The guardian spirits narrw the road beckoned, and I could not settle down to work. See also Norman Rubbing moxa into my legs to strengthen them, I dreamed a bright moon rising over Matsushima.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. How do you cry to the autumn wind As the year concludes- wanderer’s hat on my head sandals on my feet Gorgeous. The months and days are wayfarers of a hundred generations, and the years that come and go are also travelers.

From ti earliest times there riad always been some who perished along the road. Basho wrote in a particular form called Haibun which consisted of short journal prose pieces about travel that were sprinkled lightly with haiku. Through his exemplary life, Basho demonstrates that it’s possible to be a truly saintly person without having to be an ascetic — Narrod many poems about drinking and hangovers, and even a handful of haiku that delicately hint at erotic sentiments e.

I think this book should be read a poem a day instead of 10 poems a day, so you can really sit down and think about them. Perfect for knapsack travel and lighter than a smartphone. I read the Shambhala Press edition …every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.


I suddenly realize how little I actually need. It manages to strike a delicate balance between all the elements to produce a powerful account. May 14, Pages Pre-Order. There are a great number of ancients, too, who died on the road. I listened to the stories several times over. The moon and sun are eternal travelers. The months and days are the travelers of eternity. And some poets of old there were who died while travelling. How long ago, I wonder, did I see a drift of cloud borne away upon the wind, and ceaseless dreams of wandering become aroused?

Drunk from my hands, icy spring water surprises my aching teeth Tremble, oh my grave— in time my cries will be only this autumn wind I want the last as my epitaph. We paid homage at Gongen Shrine on the fifth. Over the course of days, he traversed about miles.

Narrow Road to the Interior

To strengthen my legs for the journey I had moxa burned on my shins. We are experiencing technical difficulties. This mix of comic with melancholy produces the following: When spring came and there was mist in the air, I thought of crossing the Barrier of Inerior into Oku.

I don’t know the etymology of the language, so the Japanese words were simply unfathomable for me. The translator refers to them as the Basho school of poetry. This book deserves attention for the sheer beauty of the poetry and loveliness of the images. Translated by Sam Hamill. For those whose lives float away on boats, for those who greet old age with hands clasping the lead ropes of horses, travel is life, travel is home.

The Music of John Lewis.


He is often recognized as the author who perfected this form, but is also noted for his Haiban, a form which includes prose passages with Haiku. Want to Read saving…. And, in going on a pilgrimage, Basho visits famous places which previous poets captured in verbal snapshots.

Praise “One of the undisputed masterpieces of Japanese Literature. All was foreign to me.

No is a possessive and is prepositional. Last year I spent wandering along the coast. The gods seem to have possessed my soul and turned it inside out, and roadside images seemed to invite me from every corner, so that it was impossible for me to stay idle at home.

The Narrow Road to the Interior (Basho 1644 – 1694)

Here is the most complete single-volume collection of the writings of one of the great luminaries narorw Asian literature. I’ll read it again if for no other reason than it’s a joy to hold in your hands. Traveling Alone with the poetry and spirit of Basho Traveling across Japan, a light stroll through the works of Basho,while on a bus or shinkansen, is a great way to spend your time.

In which year it was I do not recall, but I, too, began to be lured by the wind like a fragmentary cloud and have since been unable to resist wanderlust, roaming out to the seashores.

Tech Coach Drop In at Southeast. Where is it from? A lovely book, spare and clean and beautiful.