Baten Kaitos Origins (バテン・カイトスII 始まりの翼と神々の嗣子, Baten Kaitosu II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi, lit. Baten Kaitos II: Beginning of the . Baten Kaitos Origins Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 80 videos by shadowdemon (). Title, Duration, Date. Baten Kaitos Origins is a prequel to Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. Its story revolves around Sagi, and his spirit guide.

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Baten Kaitos Origins – Walkthrough

About four Godling’s Rapture will kill Wiseman. Stack Center and stack multiple super size images. Sign Up for free.

Talk to the soldier next to the save flower and he’ll ask you to light up the four torches around the hallways. Get the chest in this room fo a Magnus: Walk down to the next screen and jump down the roof to the street.

But I managed to defeat him somehow, so if you’re having the same problem I had, use the the strategy below. In the room on your left, open the chest for a Magnus: Then take down the eggs – or chicks. Right of cliff near top right exit You’ll trap the monkey and get back the Landmark Stone, as well as find a Speed Amulet lying on the ground.

Baten Kaitos Origins FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for GameCube – GameFAQs

Sedna Mill Lrigins from the Komo Mai shop. It may hit the chick instead, so you’ll have to fight him. Give two Photosynth Liles to the crate to receive G. This will block the cave where the caterpillar now is below.


Then enter the building and open the chest on the left for a Magnus: Use mainly light attacks, especially Godling’s Rapture, as always. You can now enter the pub on the left. Climb it up and open the chest above for a Magnus: Drop down again, then head left and jump up on the pipe on the other side for a chest containing a Magnus: When you’re done, talk to the soldier again to receive a Magnus Pack Couponused to buy items from the shops.

Go down one more ledge and open the chest for a Magnus: Enter Cloud Passage and follow the path. She is the small girl dessed up in pink, in the origine right corner of the classroom. At the start of the fight, discard cards until you get the Mattress.

Walkthroughs for Baten Kaitos Origins

Examine the shelves at the right of the window inside to find a Magna Mix Recipe 28then examine the shelves at the left of the window for the Magna Mix Recipe Then climb up all the stairs on the right until you find yourself at the top of the tower. To thank you, the man will hand over a Magnus: Then head left to the next screen and wait for the wind to stop. Razer, but you can’t defeat it, so solely concentrate on staying alive until the fight is interupted.

On the bottom floor, head right to find a room with a chest containing a Magnus: The next tun will be very important since it’s the turn you’ll use each time to make great damage to the mother. Talk to the guards and answer “Geldoblame” to gain access.


Open the chest in the left room strqtegy find a Magnus: Open the chest on the left for a Magnus: Use a Magnetite Wave kaltos the red rock to cross. This page was last edited on 10 Julyat Don’t save yet, keep your save from Disc 1 in case you can’t beat the boss. The artist will give you a Magnus: Also give the boy in this house a Cloud from Pherkad to receive a Magnus: Keep following the path to the elevator room.

You’ll be back at the entrance.

Then jump across the gap on your left where the boulder was to land on the other cliff at the left. Back at the fork, head all the way up to the very end of the path to find a hidden chest on the left, containing a Magnus: Also open the chest on the right for a Magnus: Then go through the door and run through the hallway to the next.

Now go dtrategy to the deck and open the chest on your left for a Magnus: