Jedi Twilight has ratings and 99 reviews. With the dark ascension of the Empire, and the Jedi Knights virtually wiped out, one Jedi who escaped the. Jedi Twilight is the first book in Michael Reaves’ series Coruscant Nights, set in the Dark Times. Summary[edit]. With the dark ascension of the Empire, and the. Coruscant Nights is a trilogy of novels by Michael Reaves. The series is set in the Star Wars A stand-alone follow-up novel to the trilogy, The Last Jedi, was released in , which was Jedi Twilight · Streets of Shadows · Patterns of Force.

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Suffice to nignts, you’ll have to buy it or borrow corjscant and read it to find out what doesn’t get resolved in book one. They do locate the droid and obviously the ending allows for a sequel or two. Some of the action was good, some was just over too quickly. The reasoning for the droid’s murder of Volette was because it was worried that the Caamasi Volette was having an affair with the wealthy woman, and thus, might destroy the marriage between the family.

But with jefi droid I-5YQ ‘s help, and ex-reporter Den Dhur ‘s excellent snooping skills, the investigation is soon operating like a well-oiled machine.

Contents [ show ]. I’m sworn to help those in need, to uphold the Jedi Code. With the dark ascension of the Empireand the Jedi Knights virtually wiped out, one Jedi who escaped the massacre is slated for a date with destiny—and a confrontation with Darth Vader.

He wants to go home as much as he did before and, while his story seems weird at first, the UT droid entwines his life with Coriscant Nick is captured on the pretense of murdering a “high-ranking representative of the Empire,” but really since it’s Rhinann who’s sent the hired help, it’s information Vader wants and not nighys Pavan himself.

Contents [ show ]. This review is also posted on Amazon. The characters are rich and well-characterized. The most interesting story of the three plots is the one involving I-5 and his team, but the three plots at least converge in a sensible way. Meanwhile, apparently above it all, Darth Vader has taken an interest in finding Jax Pavan.


The 3PO unit destroys itself so that its masters won’t suffer. As it turns out, Vader has beef with more than Jax Pavan. The novel had interesting droid characters, some clever villains, and enough double-dealing and treachery to help the reader rememember how Lando sold Han out to Vader in “Empire Strikes Back.

Jax Paven, our protagonist, was a great character. Only slightly less annoying is Reaves’ recurring habit of taking things he would like to write in a normal novel, but that would be out of place here, and thinly translating them into Star-Wars-ese, fooling no one.

Coruscant Nights – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” http: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. I think Reaves held it together very well and the characters are believable and likable. Prince Xizor and Darth Vader both play significant roles. This Star Wars -related article is a stub.

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights I – Jedi Twilight : Michael Reaves :

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I always liked the idea that some Jedi other than Obi-Wan and Yoda escaped the purge led by Palpatine and Vader, and this book explores that idea.

Jedi Twilight Star Wars: Most were brought over from the author’s prevous “MedStar” novels, but I haven’t read these and don’t plan to. The existing back-stories of Rostu, I-five, and Den Dhur contribute greatly to the depth of this group – it is a trope, but it doesn’t feel like the diversity is gratuitous or contrived.

Some of the plotlines were unresolved, as this is clearly supposed to be the first of a series of noirish detective novels set in the Star Wars universe. That didn’t really mar my fun too mu As always, when picking up a new Star Wars series, I feel like I’m coming in on the middle of something.

His attitudes toward I-five seem a bit extreme, considering how natural and intuitive it would be to treat a realistically humanoid intelligence as a person and how much exploration of artificial intelligence must surely have occurred in the GFFA.

Coruscant Nights-Jedi Twilight.jpg

Also by Michael Reaves. The “mystery” that was supposed to have been solved by our Jedi-turned-Private-Eye and his companions turned out to be not much of one at all.


The descriptions of lower Coruscant were so vivid medi it made me more fascinated.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography nivhts and more. I think that time I got it right. Aug 15, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: The story is about Jax Pavan, kedi of a character who featured in Reaves’ Shadow Hunter, and I-5YQ, the sentient droid who also featured in that book, as well as in the two MedStar books Reaves co-authored. That would have been cool. It was an awkward scene to begin with in an otherwise great movie.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi once said: Views Read Edit View history. Also despite the dramatic and serious events that take place, there is a level of laughter and fun that occurs also, which is a nice refresher.

The Animated Series, and Gargoyles. Arrow Books June 1, Language: I’m not sure, though, in what reasonable sense much of anything that Jax does in this book could be classified as “private investigator” work. It’s set shortly after the imposition of Order 66 and the fil Corusant of the things that I’ve always loved about science fiction jevi a genre is how adaptable it is – lots of people have had a lot of success meshing sci-fi with everything from fantasy Star Warsto westerns Fireflyto coruscanf the Alien trilogy.

And amazing action scenes. The story revolves around a missing droid, and a former Jedi turned bounty hunter, Jax Pavan, who has to prowl the streets of the naked city to find him, in order to fulfill a promise to an old friend from the nedi.

Coincidentally, it was the Grays who founded Whiplash, and with her help, Jax proceeds to the very Hutt who robbed him of his bounty when we first met him and then squealed on him, sending stormtroopers since when did they become storm- and not clonetroopers? Books by Michael Reaves.