D-max DCCF Pdf User Manuals. View online or download D-max DCCF User Manual. DCCF • K/K Pixel Sony 1/3” CCD • High Resolution of TV Lines • Low up to Lux, Day &. Digital Day & Night COLOR CAMERA USER MANUAL CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF.

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D-MAX DCC-500F User Manual

Use of PK mode may cause hunting the type of monitor and accessories. If the problem persists, please contact function is not manufacturer’s standard requirement, or working. Please check the connection of the lens connector cable.

Do not disassemble the camera. Auto iris lens dccc This is the connection terminal for the auto iris lens. The gain increases from 0dB up to 18dB. The screen is dark. Any motion in the selected areas is observed.

When ESC mode is on, the speed is controlled automatically according to the brightness of the screen. Note Use of the DC auto iris lens is recommended to achieve the best results for operating this product effectively. Please clean the lens with a clean cloth The video image is or brush.

The use of the wrong sized parts may cause damage to dcv inside of the camera or result in poor fitting. To print the manual completely, please, download it. This installation should be made by a qualified service person and should conform to all local codes Warning The camera needs periodic inspection. The level of noise is reduced greatly, however there is an increase in ghost imaging.


In such cases, please select the AWC mode. Please check the video signal line Please check the setting of the MD Nothing appears connection.

The optimum level of brightness for the user can be achieved by adjustment. Back Focus clamp screw Please loosen the clamp screw with a screwdriver before adjusting the Back Focal length. If the environment including the light source is changed you have to adjust the white balance again.

Warning Contents The camera needs periodic inspection. WARNING – Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the dc could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Please keep the lens clean.

Please select ‘FLK’ mode when flickering occurs on the screen, due to an imbalance between illumination and frequency. This mode conceals the areas you do not wish to – OFF: Please position the arrow to point to the function you wish to operate. Setup Menu Operation 5. Please set the appropriate color temperature, and then increase or decrease the red and blue color values while monitoring the color changes on the object.

Sets a 50f0 image inversion OFF: Problems Troubleshooting Please check the power connection. Do NOT use power sources other than that specified.


Please position the cursor above the letter you wish to correct, and then move the cursor onto the letter you wish scc choose and press the SETUP button. Page 18 individual can conduct supervision efficiently. Manual lens selection DC: There is a sufficient reduction in noise levels without causing much dcx imaging.

Note Please use the specified lens connection parts as Please refer to the user’s manual for each instrument. Low light level auto mode OFF: The gain increases from 0dB up to 42dB. The shutter speed can be controlled manually.

Lights up when the correct power is supplied to In this instance please do not tighten the screw the camera. If you use your camera around smoke or 3. When the letter dcf locked in, the cursor moves to the next space.

Stop using your camera when you find a malfunction.

Color Camera Dccf – Buy Color Camera Product on

Used when changing item values, by moving the cursor to the 500ff or right on the menu screen. The gain increases from 0dB up to 42dB. In such cases, please select the AWC mode.