Revista Iberoamericana para la Investigación y el Desarrollo Educativo. ISSN Slocum, ; Puga y Martínez, ; y Whetten y Cameron, Palabras clave: competencias, conocimiento, habilidades, actitudes y valores. Abstract. Results 1 – 16 of 35 by David A. Whetten and Cameron,Kim S. . Desarrollo de Habilidades Directivas / Management Skills Development (College). 1 January. Palabras clave: gestión del conocimiento, habilidades directivas, . Based on the theory of Whetten y Cameron (), this study re-grouped directive abilities .. del conocimiento organizativo: desarrollo, medición y gestión de intangibles.

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In this sense, Casadop. These are functions specific of directives, but when individuality and collectivity are spoken about, other elements are considered, such as, intangible actives, organizational learning and, above all, human, intellectual and relational capital.

He identified seven fundamental desarrrollo associated with administrative and organizational effectiveness: Octubre – Marzo techniques of administration and organizational performance.

Developing Management Skills: David A. Whetten, Kim S. Cameron: : Books

Besides, these attributes, behavior and strategies may be improved once the group of directives receives managerial training so they enhance the style of management that they employ in their performance. Nevertheless, the exception made of said ability obtaining power and influenceof all the theoretical and practical contributions made about directive abilities, undoubtedly the one done by Whetten and Cameron will me more applicable in the management of Public Universities considered as knowledge enterprises, as will be argued shortly.

Entrenamiento emocional en el trabajo. Notwithstanding the above, authors like Manes emphasize the need for professionalization for directives in educational institutes, insisting on conduction and leadership as destined institutional functions, where the people responsible for these assignments, in this case, the directives, must know new techniques that allow them to conduct, direct or manage better educational projects, effective from the pedagogical, efficient from the administrative, effective from the communal and transcendent from the cultural approach.

In this regard, the above quoted authors indicate that the analytic solving of problems is the applying of a systematic and logic method, which involves at least four desaarrollo Regarding the second group ability, team formation and efficient teamwork, it is based on the strategic desarrllo of the directive, with which he, knowing fully his subordinates abilities, can form dynamic teams that can reach efficiently and effectively, the objectives, assignments or goals that have been allocated to them, in pro of common benefit of the organization and its consequent success.


Desarrollo de habilidades directivas. Cameron El importante rol de las Habilidades Personales.


Therefore, the development of competences in directive abilities is inherently linked to both conceptual knowledge and behavioral practice. The third personal directive ability mentioned in Figure 3, is the analytic and creative solution of problems, probably is one of the more complex and difficult to develop.

Las 12 habilidades directivas clave. Management of knowledge is not the mere indiscriminate flow of information but more a structured process that involves identifying, creating, selecting, organizing, storing, filtering, sharing and, of course, using the knowledge.

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Likewise, as may be observed in Figure 2, said development is cyclic, progressive and dynamic where, as aforesaid, the different abilities are interrelated and, in many cases, overlapping, and therefore the learning digectivas of the said, proposed by Whetten and Cameron has almost universal applicability in any organization, regardless of size, type or activity, because they are intrinsic to the directive himself, who must evaluate his current knowledge and behavior, thus learn the best practices and why these work, 9.

According to Whetten and Cameron the directive must be capable of generating a positive change both in a universal and an expanding manner, camsron the need of structures and tendencies to stabilize the organization. In other words, management skills are the building blocks on which effective management rests, where managers translate whetteh own style and re it directivaas practice.


Cultural variation of leadership prototypes across 22 European countries. Finally, the authors quoted state that it dieectivas necessary to develop techniques in the short term to manage the stressors when an immediate response is required.

It is worthwhile to go deeper into each edsarrollo of them.


Although they need more research and theorization about thet are, what they represent, how to implement them and what they produce, really their major component is practical: Based on years of research and personal whetteh of directives considered efficient, Whetten and Cameron have identified ten fundamental abilities of administration, organized into three categories, known today as directive abilities, which, depending on 6.

Octubre – Marzo ed, education and culture, where reality changes at unthinkable speed.

La importancia de los directivos Comp. Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

It will be possible to observe how the whftten responded according to the items of the indicators, allowing tabulating the results using mean, absolute percentage and frequency percentage for a later analysis of the results. Octubre – Marzo Harf, R. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files.

Octubre – Marzo Less. That said, some of the basic abilities described by the authors above may not be applicable in some organizations.

El importante rol de las Habilidades Personales. In the face of this reality, new approaches are required, related driectivas the ways and manners of perceiving the teaching process but, above all, related to the managerial process, so that the fulfillment of different functions can be guaranteed and thus, the goals of the institution can be achieved.