We are so proud to be able to bring you the totally remastered two-disc DVD set The Devil’s Picturebook by Derren Brown! We all recognize. Just heard about this: cturebook/ $50 is a real bargain compared to what I paid for the DVD’s a few. The Devil’s Picturebook (PAL VHS) The Professional Card Repertoire of Derren Brown Reviewed by Ian Carpenter This is one depressing tape. Long before its.

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This DVD is pictursbook moe suited for those intermediate card handlers and mentalists. Don’t see the DVD on that link? Depending on the way you present it, can affect the success rate but that’s explained in the DVD.

Then back in his own little corner of HG Wells-land, Derren clearly and methodically explains his modi operandi one for you and Guy there, D.

A poetic piece in which a selected card changes into a shower of rose pedals. Please Confirm I believe this content is extremely offensive and should be removed from the site. I assume this was shot before he published bown Magic? Now, we’re pleased that is available once again in this new, remastered format.

Please Confirm

This is a popular, secure, trackable courier service. Loz Special user London Posts. He unashamedly mixes both genres in several routines, effectively laying the age-old debate to rest. I bought my DVD set direct from Derren’s site no more than 2 or 3 years ago.

Now, we’re pleased that is available once again in this new, remastered format. Your name or email address: Blomberg Laboratories Blomberg Laboratories is not as good as I had hoped it picturegook be I know the effects in it are worth it but still, there are other priorities. Thanks for the review. The DVDs we’re non widescreen. What’s up with that? It’s mind shattering, really – the first time you see it you won’t believe you’re going to learn it and when you learn it you won’t believe that you know it.


Two thought-of cards are discerned. Derren’s outrageous sense of humour is kept in check on his TV specials, so it’s great to see it fully unleashed here. The performer places two cards on the table and when they are turned face up picturwbook away from the deck I might add – they are the two cards that the spectators thought of!

DVD Review: The Devil’s Picturebook – Derren Brown

The method behind this is amazing His critically acclaimed writings, dergen shows, and theatrical productions have made him a respected, household name all over the world. It is shot primarily in his own home – an abode straight out of CS Lewis – in a continuous, one-camera style; and takes the form of a conversation with his good friend, actor and fellow-magician Peter Clifford.

This makes all the difference! How much of the material on these Devul would you say are mentalism effects? The compatibility ‘thang’ is becoming a non-issue these days – with dderren DVD players becoming region-free Then, as now, the audience’s emotions are always Derren’s primary focus. SandwichMan New user China 75 Posts. One of my favourite effects is Browns version of out of this world, but the three card trick is great, I wouldn’t perform it all in one go but bits of it go down well on their own.


Derren Brown – The Devil’s Picturebook () – Movieo

I’m afraid that you either have to keep up with it, or get left behind. I’ve yet to read “Pure Effect” however Sending to our UK warehouse Typically takes 2 – 3 days. You may also like: This is a utility move to control a card to the bottom of the deck.

This deren one of the best sets ever not only for just card magic, in general! They finally name the card and when the card stopped at on pkcturebook table is turned face up it is also the selection.

After the card appears under the box under impossible conditions twice, the card is kept under the spectators hand and the box placed in the performers inside coat pocket. It’s very quick, very smooth and done under cover of a natural motion – when done properly it renders it almost invisible I say almost because if it was invisible no-one would be able to see it period.

I believe there are a number of owners of this DVD around the forums so you’re bound to get an answer soon! The Devil’s Picturebook offers excellent value, priceless routines, some unique and practical moves Thank you Vanishing pkcturebook bringing this product back! You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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