24 channel H recorder. Features. – HSR = high speed, high resolution. – 8 analogue camera inputs, expandable up to 24 camera inputs. – Simultaneous. Dallmeier DMS HSR Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dallmeier DMS HSR Configuration. Get in-depth information on Dallmeier DMS HSR Bank Digital video recorder (DVR) including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire.

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One secure track can be assigned to each camera. XProtect Remote Client 3.

Bank recorders

Table Of Contents 1. GJD, a leading British manufacturer of professional In this case wait up to 8 hours hs the unit has reached room temperature before commissioning.

The standard playback functions are then available once again. Functions which are not hse with a check are either not integrated in your system or are not enabled.

Fig Picture changes are generally displayed as rectangular fields. CPU Information tab Recording The Recording tab provides information on recording duration and occupation of each track.


Please note, that no safety dialog will be displayed. Moving the marking If you click in the center of a marking, you can move it while keeping the mouse button pressed. All images saved in the track will be erased. They will be displayed all together in an export list where several export options can be set. You can access the listed events with the Event back and Event forward buttons B. Serial Ptz Cameras Different filters can be combined AND gating. Reset Camera Settings The storage capacity of the reference image memory is limited to images.


Shocks Shocks can cause har and damages.

You can use the arrow buttons between Cancel and Set to jump one event forward or back. The latest picture in the track will be displayed Changing the track There a different methods for changing the displayed track: The saved images of the cameras connected at this time are displayed in the Preview field. Rectangle If you have activated Rectangle in the draw mode, all the changes are each displayed with a rectangle, whereby rectangles may also be positioned partially on top of each other.

Unless expressly granted in writing, no license is granted with respect to any copyright, More information. One LP track is assigned to each camera. Export as sequence The Export as sequence function is only available if the export list contains only images and sequences of a single track.

Dallmeier DMS | AlertSystems Ltd

Transportation And Packaging This manual applies More information. These single images and sequences can be evaluated afterwards with another recorder or with a PC and the appropriate Dallmeier software PView, ProcessViewer Pro. The connection to the xms is established. Up to 30 input and 5 output relay contacts are available for control and switching tasks.

Select a camera by clicking on the corresponding menu entry. Select track panel The Reference Image Memory dialog will hse displayed: If playback is stopped, the current track position can be changed by scrolling the mouse wheel. Utc Zoom Control First step is the selection of the relevant single images cms sequences.


The task bar with the buttons for selecting the split type will be displayed. Fig Index search With the index search, events are searched for before and after the starting point.

For simplification reasons, the term DMS is thus used. Operation Guide Viewer 3. Context menu with track playback Modified images and sequences can not be evaluated with a recorder anymore. All bsr and brand names mentioned in this publication More information.

The system time is always displayed in the bottom right edge of the display. Recording tab Housekeeping The Housekeeping tab gives a review on detected temperatures and fan speed.

Dallmeier Ip And Hd Cameras Versions tab Network connection Active network connections are listed on the Network connections tab.

It is irrelevant if the dialog is displayed in Live or Playback mode. Inappropriate internal components can cause malfunctions, damages and data loss and can result in loss of 20. Click the SmartFinder tab.

Message categories The System Messages are divided into different categories. Please take into account that this function is not available for split types 4x4c and 5×5. Aimetis A10D Thin Client 2. The export list always refers to the current playback. The latest image of a track is displayed after activating the playback mode.