Don Cupitt former Dean of Emmanuel College Cambridge was born in at Oldham England. He was educated at Charterhouse and Trinity Hall Cambridge . Visit ‘s Don Cupitt Page and shop for all Don Cupitt books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Don Cupitt. Don Cupitt. Don Cupitt. Controversial theologian and philosopher Don Cupitt presents Jesus as a radical secular humanist in this interview for the Philosophy Bites podcast. Listen to.

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The Limits Of Life He is married, with three children who all now live and work in London, and two grandchildren.

Dom 3 Anti-realism and postmodernism there is no objective world, there is only what we create. Each day dpn enough trouble of its own. He rejects all ideas of gaining salvation by escaping from this world of ours. Only 7 left in stock more on the way.

The fact that we can construct something like science and then use it to make predictions about results again implies the reliability of sense data. The only sensible preparation for death is the practice of solar living.

We might ask why does Cupitt want to keep religion at all? People often like and dislike similar things, this could imply that our experiences are similar. Nigel Leaves has written a biography of Cupitt Oddessey on the Sea of Faith, and suggests that there are seven stages to his thought so far! He finally left the Anglican Church in Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors.

Don Cupitt’s interpretation of religion

Thought is von incompletely-executed motion of language somehwere in our heads. Life is bittersweet, cupirt bittersweetness is greatly to be preferred to pure sweetness.

After short periods as a curate in the North of England, and as Vice-Principal of Westcott House, Cupitt was elected to a fellowship and appointed Dean at Emmanuel College late in Life is, as people say, a single ticket: One of the things that led Cupitt towards rejecting a realist interpretation of God was an approach to theology that goes all the way back to the Medieval world.


In his writing, and in the various ckpitt he has tried to foster, Don Cupitt attempts to develop new thinking for a new epoch: My self, and all my loves, must be continuously let go of and continuously renewed.

Likewise, prayer has a useful spiritual function provided we realise that we are not in conversation with a divine being who can answer it. He believed that a realist interpretation of Christianity would condemn it to die out. The traditional relation of the soul to God is ddon experienced in the form of the relation between my life and life in general. Cupitt argues that the original Jesus was an dob prophet who preached an ethic of love in the face of what he believed to be the imminent end to the world.

The world is not made up of beings but of meanings, and religious meanings are purely practical’. A Secular Theology Aug 16, My life is all I have, and all I’ll ever have. He is invited to visit universities in dln countries, including recently those of Aarhus, Leuven, Beijing, Oxford and Yale.

In his writings Cupitt sometimes describes himself as Christian non-realistby which he means that he follows certain spiritual practices and attempts to live by ethical standards traditionally associated with Christianity but without believing in the actual existence of the xupitt metaphysical entities such as ” Christ ” and ” God “.

They embed us in our world. Whilst many Christians think that rejecting these doctrines undermines Christianity, Cupitt believes that it can actually revitalise it.

Don Cupitt –

There is no readymade Reality out there. He stopped acting as a priest during the s and left the Church all together in Gladstone’s Library, which was formerly known as St Deiniol’s Library, is a residential library, especially of theological odn. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Don Cupitt’s books began to appear in the early s, without attracting much public attention.


The Revd Don Cupitt | Fellows | Contact | Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Everything remains within life. My symbolic expression may take various forms, as it pours out in my quest for selfhood, in my loves or my work. In he was appointed to a University teaching post in the Philosophy of Religion, a job in which he continued until his retirement for health reasons in Of his recent books, Emptiness and Brightness is the most Buddhist.

Stage 2 Non-realism words like God do not need to correspond to existing entities to be meaningful. He also said that concepts like God, Salvation etc become meaningless when understood in a non-realist sense.

His thinking develops continuously and is not easy to summarize, but the best introduction to it has been given by the Australian Nigel Leaves in his recent two-volume study. Cupitt is adamant that we must find meaning and value in this life.

Solar Ethics Nov 01, High to Low Avg. A good revision summary of his ideas can be din here along with other useful RS stuff!

Don Cupitt

So, if traditional, realist religion has no place in the post-modern world, then what is religion ddon to do? Finallyis religion really just about spirituality?

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He has recently given up public activity but may write a little more yet, if his health permits.