Homeland is a fantasy novel by American writer by R. A. Salvatore, the first book in The Dark Elf . The comics adaption of Homeland, volume 1, received a positive review from George “Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt Book 1”. sfsite. com. THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT. Homeland Dark corridors meander throughout the dark realm in winding courses, connecting became an old and forgotten tale. Alternative view 1 of Forgotten Realms: Homeland (Legend of Drizzt #1) Child of the Northern Spring: Book One of the Guinevere Trilogy.

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Homeland (Forgotten Realms novel) – Wikipedia

Drow Elven society is presented as a culture of paranoid opportunists who will do anything to get ahead. To ask other readers questions about Homelandplease sign up. Homeland, Exile and Sojourn.

It was for the most part a fairly traditional coming of age fantasy of good vs evil. Honestly, I found Drizzt to be unconvincing. Vierna, angered by Drizzt’s defiance, showed him what happened to those who defied the Spider Queen: He must struggle to come to terms with a society that will do anything to appease a violent and bloodthirsty Spider Queen, and hopefully keep his integrity.

Homeland is a fantasy novel by American writer by R. This is as hollow a book as you’re bound to find. Drizzt refused outright and, using one of Zaknafein’s weapons – an exploding ball of light – escaped into the Underdark.

But after ignoring the pleas of online fans and personal friends for years upon years, my eventual reading of Homeland was one of utter disappointment. But that first copy of this book has now been read so many times, by me and everyone I ever thrust it on to read, that the spine is barely holding together and the cover is threatening to disintegrate. But if you’re tired of escapist, simplistic worlds where the only sell-points are sword-wielding and magic-dueling, move on.


This is my favorite trilogy of leegnd Drizzt books a quick aside I enjoy Salvatore’s writin I read this years ago, maybe ten, and wondered how it would measure up to my memory.

Homeland by R.A. Salvatore

Oct 27, Connor rated it really liked drizzg Shelves: There are more shades of grey on Drizzt’s armor than there are in all of Menzoberranzan. Does this book series have any relation to the old PC rpg, Icewind Dale? This is why Drizzt is presented as such a compelling and sympathetic character.

He’ll have to find a way to not only survive whatever his enemies, friends and even family throw at him, but also to hide his true nature and preserve his sanity while seeking a place to belong to.

I don’t have the good mind or words to write a big review. Feb 01, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I think sometimes it made me feel disconnected from the novel, but I’m thinking I’ll just like the books more and more as I read them and I won’t have those disconnection problems going forward.

At times I felt a bit of tunnel vision while reading, like the room around me was getting darker and the only thing illuminating my eyes were the words on the page. The action focuses, of course, on Drizzt, the young dark elf born at the height of a battle in which his “house” is in the process of destroying another “house”.

He’s the only person with a morality we would recognize in a world of people who see no problem with killing, who worship a spider god, and who only understand violence as a way of life. Unfortunately many panels come across flat, dull and rough, offsetting the good artwork. They are not nice by any stretch of imagination and make Darth Vader look like a kindergarten bully wannabe.


If anything, there is a certain thrill about reading a fantasy-based book and this first entry into the Legend of Drizzt is exciting in that regard.

I am not sure how much of it came from the author and how much from already existing standard Forgotten Realms settings, so I will not attribute all of it to Salvatore’s creative writing. She told Drizzt that he was to serve as the house’s new weapon master. But, ultimately it succeeds in its purpose: There is a trilogy, but the same author, set in Icewind Dale and the surrounding areas, though it doesn’t necessarily follow the plot of the old PC rpg.

Upon starting this book I struggled a bit getting to know the world of the drow why is everyone so evil? Salvatore paints a bleak picture but a lot of the settings were painted much better than was done in Dragons.

Or maybe it’s that George R. His classifaction of series is very confusing. This book is about his youth and constant struggles for survival.

In this book the vast majority of the characters are written in different shades of black with an exception of Drizzt and possibly his mentor Zak. It is harmony, working toward shared goals, that precedes greatness.

Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt Vol. 1 – Homeland

Fantasy is not typically a genre I pick up on my own, but my husband wants me to get into gaming RPG with him and his friend suggested Ohmeland read The Legend of Drizzt series.

View all 13 comments. In Menzoberranzan anything goes as long as you aren’t caught. There were several things about th 3.