Download Citation on ResearchGate | FORSCOM Regulation ( OBSOLETE): Unit movement data reporting and systems administration. | Authorizes. Authorizes and directs the use of the Transportation Coordinator Automated Command and Control Information System (TC ACCIS), as well as coordinated and. Within CONUS, FORSCOM is the Army service component command for USACOM. FORSCOM uses Army installation staffs and infrastructures to deploy units.

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COCOM is vested only in the commanders of combatant forrscom and cannot be delegated or transferred. The exercise of directive authority for logistics includes the authority to issue directives to subordinate commanders necessary to ensure the following: It does not provide airlift requirements estimates or preplanned contingency packages.

HN or contracted support is 555-2 good source of resources to conduct or augment terminal operations. The Secretary of Transportation sets up a management organization during a national defense related emergency declared by the President. This staff office has the primary responsibility for strategic transportation and for the operation of the JTB. DSBs also provide liaison and coordination for movement of port-called units to designated terminals.

Sign In Sign Out. SIDPERS provides commanders the ability to optimize allocation and use of personnel assets to meet peacetime, mobilization, and wartime personnel service support requirements. MTMC area commands use this system torscom process and transfer unit and non-unit movement files between connected systems. Agreements between CINCs may also influence the support.

Enter Your Email Address. In the area of transportation, the ASCC is specifically responsible for the following:. This fleet is the most significant source of government-owned, early deployment shipping in terms of numbers of ships and overall cargo carrying capacity.

FM Chptr 2 Strategic Mobility Automation Support Systems

Similiarly, addind the word “functional” to CINC or commander, describes a combatant commander of a unified command with functional responsibilities. This center operates with organic MCTs, as required. The ASCC also acquires organizations to administer movements and to operate terminals and modes.

  ISO 10555-3 PDF

The DOT is responsible for the executive management of the nation’s total civil domestic transportation resources during periods of crisis. Forecom MARAD administers programs related to ocean and Great Lakes shipping and related deep water activities including seaports, shipbuilding, and repair facilities.

The term “joint force commander” is used in a generic sense to refer to the commander of a combatant command, subordinate unified command, or a joint task force.

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This responsibility includes operating the DTS. It also allows the ASCC to adjust projected requirements. The system provides secure communications among those who make decisions. Other DOD and governmental agencies play a major role as users of the transportation rorscom. All combatant commands have an Army service component command. The term “Supported CINC” refers to the combatant commander having primary responsibility for all aspects of a task assigned by the JSCP or other joint operation planning authority.

Ocean terminals with the ability to account for and monitor the movement of cargo through a port. Organizations responsible for transportation matters vary in size and responsibility from state to state. Combatant commanders may also establish joint task forces to execute specific missions.

The GTN is not another transportation data base; it is a network of systems. The Department of Energy assures the availability of crude oil, petroleum products, solid fuels, natural gas, and gaseous liquids. During emergencies, the state and local governments are also responsible for using transportation resources transiting the state boundaries. DSBs assist deploying units with documenting, staging, and loading their equipment. A recommendation usually goes with the referral of the problem.


In this role, they orchestrate the support provided by DOD and other federal departments Human and Health Services, Transportation, and so on when disasters such as earthquakes and enemy attacks occur within the US.

The Department of State is responsible for several aspects that affect transportation operations. One of its primary responsibilities is safety. MTMC also administers transportability programs to ensure the incorporation of safe, efficient, and effective deployment characteristics into equipment design.

During the stages of deployment, personnel managers must concentrate their efforts in the following four areas:. OPORDs are the result of crisis time-sensitive planning conducted in an emergency.

Units are responsible for foorscom accurate equipment lists. FEMA is responsible for coordinating federal responses to a domestic crisis.

They may require augmentation when executing operational level of war transportation responsibilities. The DMCs, working within the SMCC, collects, analyzes, and combines all DOD-organic highway movements to coordinate with other local, state, and federal officials the unit requirements for mobilization and deployment. The acronym “CINC,” which means commander in chief, refers to the commander of a combatant command.

This responsibility includes arranging for the use forscoom civil port facilities as auxiliary ammunition ports. These services include those provided by rail, freight and passenger motor carrier, inland waterways, coastal shipping, and freight forwarders. The UMO dorscom his unit’s air movement plans for planned or actual deployment.

The combatant commands have regional or functional responsibilities. However, this role is only visible to the US military when there is DOD involvement in response to a domestic emergency.

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