I have had an old printer copy of the IIH for a dozen years now (just a The first book by Franz Bardon to be published was “Initiation Into. Has any one worked through Franz Bardons Initiation Into Hermetics? If so what have been your results? Thanks Simon. No Ads Open Source Portal & the , home of Franz Bardon Initiation Into Hermetics Theory & Practice Forum. Here you can .

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The item requirement is a good one since it pushes you to dig as deeply as you can.

The repercussions of this form of self-analysis will be felt throughout the entire life of the student and will be of great benefit regardless of how far into the Steps of IIH one penetrates. The external world does not have adequate tools for solving these problems.

At first, this is also very difficult, but with persistent practice, you will learn how to distance yourself and observe. Begin by drawing a circle with about a three inch 7.

Franz Bardons Hermetics – An Interview with William Mistele: Part 1

Draw a vertical line, from edge to edge, through the center point of the circle. I haven’t seen Newt here in awhile, so you might pm them. Part of my training as a spiritual anthropologist is discerning the difference between what someone says they are doing barddon what they actually do. It is thus that Frithjof Schuon and others have observed that the simple religiously faithful are in many ways enviable.

Again, the above individuals are genuine scholars in their chosen professions. Altogether, Bardon presents the closest thing farnz moderns have to a full and well-graduated Hermetic Yoga.

The potential benefits to one’s health are undeniable but this is not an essential part of learning magic. Self-education in this instance was of great benefit for me because I could focus on making original observations that operated outside of traditional interpretations.


That any way can be castigated officially seems narrow minded – but then naziism may be an exception to that rule To find out more you can visit his Youtube account. Could you please tell us a little about your journey? Bardon mentions “Od” in passing but doesn’t really explain what he means by this term. If you find more than items, then instead of continuing on indefinitely, limit your efforts to two weeks. But at a certain point, my body and nervous system refuse to cooperate.

Method isn’t everything, View is more important. Only the “correct” motives will carry the student through certain parts of the path of initiation. I have started a few weeks ago. Writing your lists by hand upon paper personalizes the process and makes it considerably more intimate.

The second type of meditation is titled “Thought Discipline” and barxon two phases of practice. With Step One, the “Schooling of the Spirit” concerns three basic types of meditation.

In the twentieth century, at least three hundred million people died of smallpox. After doing a little ijh I have found that Bardon seems not to be a truly Initiated.

Would Bardons’ system fall into that over-generalization as well? If we are lucky, such mistakes hold us back from making any progress at all, but if we push too far too fast, these forces can and will break us, mentally and physically. This equilibrium is akin to the ethical foundations of Yoga yamas and niyamas in that it is not expected to produce a perfected personality on its own, but rather to act as a solid foundation for deeper exploration and improvement.

Listen to and follow your conscience and your continued success will be assured! How does IIH relate to his next two books? It seems that any and all systems that have us meditating, working on our breathing or just being introspective will tender good results.


It may take a while to figure out where they truly belong, but don’t let that difficulty stop your progress. The final phase of this part of Step One is to bardln each of your five sections into three farnz of importance.

My body is so sensitive that I cannot even wear jewellery. Eventually, your rate of thinking and visualization will match the rate at which you breathe. Invariably, this has solved my confusion and provided me with the bardkn by which to grab hold of and transform myself.

But such primordial command is easily interwoven with negative traits as well. Remember that the unsavory parts that you uncover are simply who you are at this moment in time — never forget that you have the power to change these parts of yourself!

There bardkn certainly brdon in which you can get sidetracked, “get lost in power” as many would say. True success with magic is built upon a foundation of simple things — the firmer the foundation, the farther the student will be able to rise.

IIH – Peace Profound

Throughout the course of IIH, your intentions will be tested over and over again. Be good to yourself. This does not mean that you should not try your best to determine the correct Elemental correspondence.

Not only is it an essential bodily function, it is also an essential part of one’s emotional well being.