Klucel™ LF Pharma, SDS · TDS*. Klucel™ M CS, Klucel™ M CS has excellent film-forming properties and thickens non-aqueous systems and provide lubricious. Klucel hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) provides a remarkable set of physical properties for tablet binding, modified release, and film coating. This unique polymer. Klucel hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) is a nonionic water-soluble cellulose ether with Klucel HPC is soluble in many polar organic solvents and in water below.

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Being a non-solvent process, HME has significant utility in the manufacture of solid dispersions and solid solutions. Open in a separate window.

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Support Center Support Center. Mlucel process involves mixing of molten drug and polymers resulting in formation of a solid solution or dispersion of drug in a polymer matrix.

Formulation studies of a poorly water-soluble drug in solid dispersions to improve bioavailability. The extrusion conditions employed maintained MNT in a crystalline state confirmed by DSC studiesproviding a necessary backbone for the pelletization and milling operations. Most of these techniques are multiple-batch processes that might also involve the use of organic solvents. Gereg of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals for the generous loan of tabletting punches and fixture used in compactibility studies.

Recrystallization and precipitation in these polymers or in the gastrointestinal tract can be controlled by use of crystallization inhibitors 11 or modifying the release to prevent supersaturation, while maintaining a kulcel that would result in bioavailability enhancement 12 Physicochemical characterization and drug-release properties of celecoxib hot-melt extruded glass solutions.

A small amount of sample was spread on a glass slide and inserted into a hot-stage setup. Tensile strength was calculated from hardness values utilizing the following equation. Eur J Pharm Sci.


Klucel® Hydroxypropylcellulose LF

Hot-melt extrusion HME is a versatile processing technology that can be used for solubility enhancement, granulation, and as a physico-chemical stability imparting technology The release profiles exhibited a similar rank order as was observed for the pellets Fig. Physicochemical properties and oral bioavailability of amorphous atorvastatin hemi-calcium using spray-drying and SAS process.

The thickness and diameter of the tablets was measured using a micrometer.

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Expert Opin Drug Deliv.

ELF polymer, being more plastic, forms a denser compact on being compressed, thus slowing down the release due to decreased porosity Control of the release of slightly water soluble medicine from solid kllucel granules. A release of This densification leads to a delayed disintegration and also decreased surface area.

This can also be attributed to an increased tortuosity and decreased diffusivity 54 caused by component systems. Percolation theory—a novel approach to solid dosage form design.

Being a process that is performed at high temperatures, the polymers and the drug have to meet the requirement of being thermoplastic, stable, and able to withstand the shear being exerted by the screws. The intense mixing and shearing distributes the drug uniformly in a polymer matrix and depending upon the drug and polymer interactions, forms a solid solution or a solid dispersion The factors—increased surface area, amorphous form, and a hydrophilic matrix—contribute towards an increase in dissolution rate.

Klucel® Hydroxypropylcellulose LF by Ashland – Food, Beverage & Nutrition

Another advantage of using HME is the physical transformation of drug and excipients which influences tabletting behavior. HME was utilized to intimately mix the components into a homogenous matrix. In the current research, preliminary screening studies were performed to evaluate HME feasibility utilizing DSC, thermogravimetric analysis TGA and hot-stage microscopy ilucel Compactibility Profiles Another advantage of using HME is the physical transformation of drug and excipients which influences tabletting behavior.


We would like to thank Mr. HT tablets were plastic in nature, and hence profiles could not be klucsl. Application of the solid dispersion method to the controlled release of klufel. Influence of the preparation method of solid dispersions on their dissolution rate: Thus, a slower release, still in the domain of immediate release, might actually contribute towards increased bioavailability and better stability for Kf.

SDs rely on a hydrophilic polymer as a carrier material to increase wettability and an amorphous form to increase drug solubility in the media. This product is used in a variety of food applications, including whipped toppings, bakery cream fillings, edible nut and candy coatings and confectionery glazes.

Pure KPR exhibited a Tg around 0. We have also made an attempt to explain dissolution mechanisms that play a significant role in solubility enhancement.

Hydroxypropylcellulose polymers undergo dissolution via a swelling- and erosion-driven mechanism which is dependent upon chain length Extrudates were milled and compressed with the addition of MCC as a direct compression vehicle, and AcDisol aided disintegration.

Ritonavir-PEG amorphous solid dispersions: However, this technology comes with caveat that formulations that perform in vitro may fail in vivo. Friability testing was performed in a friabilator Roche friabilator. The koucel appearance was formed due to rapid solubilization of hydrophilic excipients by an inward-moving solvent front. Observations made kpucel Yuasa et al. Six replicates were tested. An equal amount of fresh dissolution media was added back to the dissolution vessel at each time point.

Published online Sep 8.

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