LXP -1 Owner’s Manual. 1. Installing the LXP Specifications. The following specifications are subject to change without notice. Frequency Response. View and Download LEXICON LXP-1 owner’s manual online. Multi-effect processing module. LXP-1 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Lexicon LXP-1 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Lexicon LXP-1 Owner’s Manual, Manual.

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Ql, which is driven by U1 pin 6 output, is the R-C delay circuit driver. This user control determines the signal level applied to the final output Buffer stage U B Control Knob Input Level: Check for loose ICs, damaged jacks and controls, overheated or burnt parts and damaged PC board traces. Both jack inputs are shorted together, allowing a single input source to be applied to left and right input circuitry. Observe whether the malfunction is intermittent, heat related or shock related.

FB3 and Cl 1 provide filtering from noise spikes emanating from the AC line. Processing of data and instructions to and from the UART 2. Apply a 1 kHz signal at dBV 56mVrms to right channel input. Verify that all pots, the MIDI momentary push button and the position rotary switches operate smoothly and correctly. Audio terminator plug to left channel output Procedure 1.

A dual op amp U30 performs this preamp function by providing the initial gain and buffering for the Left and Right input signals. Check all power rails with a scope or multimeter. Occasional oscillations and noise appear on output, even while sitting idle, and disappear when a new program is selected. This allows both outputs to be present when only one LXP-1 output is used by summing left and right singlas together.

If the unit is exposed to a dusty environment, a vacuum or low-pressure blower may be used to remove dust from the LXP-1 exterior. When selected, both red LEDs will blink in unison at a rate of approximately 2 Hz until the next test selection is made. An R-C circuit provides a delay in the removal of Reset during power up to allow regulated supply levels to stabilize before enabling the processor circuitry.


With W3 installed, received data is sent back out through inverter to current loop driver Q3. IUF C53 4 O.

LEXICON LXP-1 Owner’s Manual

The front panel push button and Program select switch are exercised thoughout the diagnostic testing. Set Level Meter to measure right channel output as the 0 dB reference.

This determines if the current Mahual output is equal to the sampled input, if not, a new data value is latched out to the DAC for comparison. The analog signal can be traced though the converter drcutry by running the Audio Test Loop program. IUF C43 4 O.

It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A computing device pursuant to Subpart J, Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference when operated in a commercial environment.

This voltage level will be stored by the storage cap until the next output sample is applied. Lx; of user data input from digital user controls 4.

Qosed condition enables defeat mode. This charges storage capacitor C41 or 52 depending ,xp the channel being output to the DAC output level. This short is disconnected when plugs are connected to both outputs allowing for the full stereo effect to be utilized. Voltage requirements are printed on the power pack. Swap all manua and left channel audio connections sind repeat steps 1. Probing the crystal lead furthest away from the LEXICHIP can cause the oscillator to fail and the unit will then require a power down and power up to restart.


Do not use alcohol, benzene or acetone-based cleaners or any strong commercial cleaners. Audio input cable from Low Distortion Oscillator output to right channel input 2. A familiarization with block diagram and descriptions in the Qrcuit Description section lrxicon also be helpful in isolating specific problems.


Position 1 3 CHORUS 2 Loads a program which tests the specifications of the converter circuitry by Audio Test mode producing a digitally processed output signal which is identical to the input signal. R2 and C4 provide this power up Reset delay. The Federal Communications has prepared a booklet which you may find useful: Two discrete FET transistors, Q6 and Q7 provide an output muting function by shorting U26 outputs to ground after the ohm resistors in series with the outputs.

Measure output level on right channel output. IUF 4 yTv C30 0. This test takes approximately 30 seconds and the results will be displayed immediately upon completion.

Flashes to indicate that the system is under external control. IUF C46 4 o. Every nine clock pulses, RCO pin 15 will go high in order to force an interrupt routine on the Z80 processor. Units in the field should have his capacitor populated if they exhibit the following s Tnptoms; 1.


Trace this input pulse out from U3 pin 15 to the U1 inverter pin 8 and 9. Audio input cable from Low Distortion Oscillator output toright channel input 2. Move internal jumper location at W3 to W2. Parts List 7.