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Enjoy the winter and Max also. Thoughts on Provisioning can be found on the bottom of The Galley page. We have made some new on-line friends. Our time in the house is almost over as the owners return again on the 27th.

Please tell us what works and does not work. Just an observation but putting on a bit of weight may not have been such a bad thing for Chuck as he looked like he could use a few pounds.

Angela told me she has a shipment coming in in loahona week or ten days and I could exchange them then. By the First Mate We liahoa a diver to clean the bottom and change the zinc rather than haul out. I did not get a chance to post a link of the video previous to this one uploaded Dec.

Laura, Thank you for keeping all of us Lealea groupies in touch with you guys. I have watched all of your video’s and love them, although I for some reason don’t enjoy the Alaska ones as much, it may just be me. Then it will be time to get liahlna boat ready for sea again. Are the Alaskan video’s following a sequence of your travels there? I really thought loahona once I chose a series like cruising Alaska the video’s would just follow randomly.

Anyway, thank you very much for making me smile and endure the time that is left until we are getting out again.


The Little Norway Festival was loads of fun but with so many activities scheduled it was impossible to take everything in This weeks topics are the “Boil water notice” we had a few days ago and the upcoming harbor renovations scheduled to begin in August. I just shoot the video, Chuck does all the editing with only the occasional suggestion from me here or there. Once released, she will remain on probation for three years. It is really nice, Look forward to your posts, Colin and Liz.

I confess I ended up at the Salvation Army to purchase an appropriate top for the evening and now have to figure out which other top will need to go.

Liahona, November 2012

What a great time! Just heard about the quake.

Last winter we learned that our awnings, designed to protect the boat from tropical sun and rain while allowing the cooling trade winds through, needed some help dealing with winter in Alaska. The owner has all sorts of old cookbooks and I have spent hours pouring through them.

Liahona, May by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Apple Books

Thomas Bay glacier is only 2o miles from Petersburg and not nearly as busy. Always nice to see their sailing adventures too.

This will allow you to watch the entire series of your choice and it will automatically play one after the other without interruption. I want to thank you and Jarle Andhoy Berserk Fame. If you did not catch the live stream, the program will be available for download at http: I just need your videos.

Chuck spent this morning cleaning liaohna the cockpit, checking the oil and running the engine. I am now actively looking for a boat now. Chuck will spend a good part of today on the boat getting her ready for our return.

Liahona, November by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Apple Books

By the First Mate We’ve been trying to take advantage of house sitting in a place with easy internet access to build on and improve our site. It was a beautiful day. Los liahonna que la lean, se puede consultar por internet e incluso paralelo a ello, ya se encuentran algunas aclaraciones y conceptos sobre su contenido.


No quiero el dinero para ir a nuestra cuenta bancaria como tesorero de un fondo abandonado. Probably won’t be cruising near Canada anytime soon, they don’t seem to like us much mato neither of us has a full time job and we don’t have a permanent address. We should be well on our way by then. Oh, well, that is life. I have enjoyed your writings, videos, music, etc and I don’t relish the thought of a summer hiatus. For example you have a roller furler main.

Tomorrow I will start the process of emptying out lockers and taking inventory of our food stores. It was as you were touring in Whale Bay? It has been a glorious last couple of days. The town liahlna approve or deny any lease or purchase of the property. For those who haven’t attended a PNW Rendezvous before, they are a totally informal affair with no planned events and no schedule.

Your articles on site impressed me very much and showed the right way to prepare for cruising. We are having a friend over for pancakes on Sunday and after we will take down the awnings and wash some of the green off the boat.

We woke up to the house shaking and creaking. Those are just for exhaust and are located forward.